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From Cambridge English Corpus Table eight displays the injuries kinds in frontal and side impact crashes by driver age group (younger or more mature).

So they had been in an auto crash, then they became nymphs? If there is any poetry During this movie it was dropped on me. 50 % a star for The concept, which was initial, half a star to the Cronenberg identify after which just one massive star for your tattoo sucking scene involving Spader and Koteas. Mysterious Hobo Tremendous Reviewer

: not correct, real, or legitimate : counterfeit, sham He was donning a fake mustache. She held up the bowl to the window gentle and smiled her fakest smile but …— Lee Durkee fake

went to press the bail-out was nevertheless unsure; buyers were being haggling with Alitalia's unions. The buyers want the workers to give up privileges and accept shell out and problems consistent with the remainder of the field.

“You’d Virtually ponder if he’d figure out The point that it could’ve doubled the value of the work,” Benrimon adds.

BBC movie critic Mark Kermode has explained Crash as "basically best" and praised Howard Shore's rating, whilst admitting that it's a "difficult movie to love" and describing the cast's performances as "glacial".[17]

mainly US, informal : extremely, really —utilized being an intensifier It had been an excellent furnace all very last winter, they didn't have a single problem with it: it ran real quiet …— Garrison Keillor… the magazine isn't really real absolutely sure who its visitors are …— Tom Carson real

A prime excellent movie that follows the life of various people above 24 hrs And exactly how they "Crash" into one another. Pretty original concept also. Dean King Super Reviewer

counterfeit, imitative - not legitimate; imitating one thing top-quality; "counterfeit emotion"; "counterfeit money"; "counterfeit performs of artwork"; "a counterfeit prince"

Arriving, getting into and invading annex barge barge in be around the scene idiom been breaking and entering idiom bugger arrive at sth go down hove intrusion invade hold (sb/sth) out land Allow let sb/sth in loom pitch invasion rock roll up! idiom See extra effects »

“That’s the ironic part about this,” Leon Benrimon, the director of modern and modern day art at Heritage Auctions, tells MONEY. “It absolutely was meant being a criticism in the artwork industry, and I think it’s about to double the value with the perform.”

In the summertime of 2015, the French portion of Médecins Sans Frontières started help assignments for migrant populations in Greece and France. The start of those functions was the celebration for energetic discussions within the association, the two concerning general public positioning (the best way to justify an intervention in the abundant place instead of wander off in "political" territory?), and in terms of revising our operating techniques, understanding that the main wants of migrants weren't principally healthcare.

craquelé craquelure crare crash crash and burn up crash barrier crash boat Phrases Connected with crash

fake - not real or real; currently being real an imitation of your genuine short article; "it's not fake everything; It truly is real synthetic fur"; "fake pearls"; "Wrong teeth"; "decorated with imitation palm leaves"; "a purse of simulated alligator conceal"

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